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If your diffuser is getting dusty and in need of some new and inspiring blends, look no further! We've created this beautifully illustrated diffuser recipe book containing over 120 recipes in addition to taking a deeper dive into the huge benefits of aromatic use of your essential oils and it's positive effects on your well-being. 

Our sense of smell is a powerful tool effecting how we live and experience our lives. Smelling a potent aroma can trigger pleasant memories, brighten our mood, alert us to danger, calm us and so much more. 

This booklet will enhance your knowledge surrounding the power of aroma, looking into why it has been a useful tool for centuries and how they are still greatly beneficial to us today. 

This booklet is:

  • A must have for all essential oil users
  • Perfect workshops or classes as a give away, and those that have purchased a diffuser will just love them
  • Great incentive gifts too


  • Diffusion basics
  • Benefits of diffusing
  • Alternative diffusion methods
  • Why oil quality matters
  • Family safety
  • Diffusing for pets
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Deep cleaning
  • Essential oil substitutions
  • Recipes
    • Blends using the top ten
    • For the children
    • Emotions
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
    • Life blends
    • Romance & relationships
  • Space to capture your own personal blends
  • 130 diffuser recipes

Contents: 1 x booklet

This booklet pairs perfectly with some of our other products, including our diffuser jewellery, Portable Myspace Diffuser and airflow car diffusers.



Essential Basics: The Power of Aroma Recipe Booklet

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