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It has become very prevalent today that having a healthy mind is just as important as our physical health and sometimes we are so focused on just taking care of our bodies that we forget that the wellbeing of our mind can greatly affect our all-round health and productivity.

Although essential oils were used decades ago, experimenting, testing, and personal experiences through the years has brought about new discoveries for their uses and the list of support benefits for your mental and emotional wellbeing to-date is astounding.

At Essential Oil Supplies, we consistently strive to highlight the many wonders of essential oils through our extensive variety of tearpads, booklets, and brochures that are focused on enhancing your wellbeing. Tearpads are designed to educate and inspire those wanting to learn more about a specific topic. We also have in this collection a selection of MyMakes recipes brochure and label sets that are the perfect tool to support family health & wellness.

Maybe you're looking for a particular product to support emotional healing or general support for ailments or concerns, we have an array of material - look no further to access the tools you need.

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