Frequently Asked Questions

The tube inside my spray bottle is too long.

The spray tops are intended to fit many different sized bottles therefore the tube is designed to be cut to length to fit your desired bottle. We recommend cutting at an angle and that the tube fits to the bottom of your bottle to maximise on it’s contents.

Are there cheaper shipping options?

We only charge the actual shipping cost (or less!) to ship your products to you. Shipping rates are determined by our carriers and vary according to total weight of your goods and the carriers rates to your address. If you have queries regarding shipping rates, please feel free to email us at We strive to provide a variety of shipping options whilst trying to maintain a low cost to our customers.

Are there any coupons I can use against my purchase?

All coupons or offers are notified to our customer via email. Please sign up for our newsletters to hear about special offers and promotions. Do also follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we post regularly and you’d not want to miss the latest products or deals.

Are there bulk buy purchasing options?

We offer quantity discounts on many products which can be found on the individual product pages. These offers are available to all our customers. If you have further specific queries or questions please reach out to us at

Can I buy wholesale from you?

We do offer wholesale purchasing options for other retailers. These requests are assessed individually and we therefore suggest you email stating in the title "Wholesale Enquiry" and providing details of your retail outlet, the products and the quantity you require. We will get back to you with details of how to proceed.

Do you provide gift vouchers?

Yes, these are a perfect way to pass along a gift of choice to a friend, relative or team member. Please send us an email at for details.

How long does it take to process and receive my order?

We endeavour to process orders as swiftly as possible but processing times are subject demand. Orders can take a couple of days to process but we try to process them within 24 hours. Depending upon the shipping option you have selected your order could take anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending upon the destination. If you have an urgent requirement then please contact us at and we will endeavour to assist you. Please review our shipping page for further information.

My roller balls are sometimes loose, and other times they don’t seem to roll as freely.

Due to manufacturing tolerances, the ball inside our roller balls can vary very slightly. This minute variance can sometimes result in roller balls that are either a little too tight to allow an even flow, or a little too loose which then results in a heavier flow. On occasion if the roller is a little tight, all is needed is a firm agitation to the roller with the thumb or by rolling in the palm of the hand to lubricate the ball. If you should experience any problems we are more than happy to assist. Please contact us within a month of your purchase at and we will be pleased to assist you.

I've heard it's not good to use essential oils in plastic bottles, is that correct?

You are correct in that some essential oils contain natural chemical constituents that have the ability to break down certain types of plastics which can them leach into your water and be drank and could cause leakage if the plastic seals are broken down. For this reason we recommend a glass or metal drinks container (like the ones that we have available) in all instances for your reassurance and satisfaction.

Are you a subsidiary company of doTERRA?

We are not directly connected to any essential oil company. We are an independent retailer who desire to supply complimentary accessories and tools to support essential oil users.

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