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Jewellery will always have a place in the market. They are pieces of art, they carry sentiment, lift an outfit, they're used in films to adorn movie stars with a look for a setting and time and the list of their uses are endless. But for essential oil users, jewellery has become a beautiful tool for aromatherapy to support wellness and emotions.

What better way to have, and to use, your oils in your daily life than by having the option to wear your essential oils and inhale your favourite blend form your wrist or from around your neck.

We have a beautiful selection of exquisite Jéaneve jewellery designed with the user in mind for beauty and function. Many of our pieces integrate lava beads, a natural rock occurring from molten lava, which absorbs, holds and diffuses essential oil as well and allows absorption when in contact with the skin. This makes for wonderful presenting accessories and conversational pieces, perfect for gift giving and new rank achievers.

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