Essential Emotions 9th Edition Book

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Essential Emotions 9th Edition (European Edition) is finally in stock! 

Essential oils are a natural source of health and strength. Now, discover their healing power and their emotional properties.

For long-time oil enthusiasts and beginners alike, this book provides a gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils and how they may be used for emotional healing. Discover the emotional properties of your favourite essential oils, learn which oils will support emotional healing and which tools you may use for emotional work.

This easy to follow spiral-bound reference guide will help you come to know the oils in a new way and more fully appreciate their distinct healing qualities, thanks to the newly updated Body Guide and Emotion Guide. This guide also describes the innate emotional properties of common oils and blends. Then, a reference chart and comprehensive index helps you select oils and blends for a wide variety of emotional states.

The “Essential Emotions Wheel” is a great way to quickly reference the emotional properties of oils, this complementary material will enable you to quickly reference oils and emotional needs.

  • Introduces basic stages of emotional healing and tools for emotional work.
  • Alphabetically lists single oils and blends and discusses their emotional properties.
  • Includes updates to both the Body Guide and Emotions Guide
  • The Body Guide lets you look up the area of the body affected
  • The Emotions Guide lets you look up specific emotions you want to feel more or less of
  • Contains all-new 2020/21 dōTERRA® oils:
    • Bergamot Mint
    • Davana
    • Tulsi
    • Laurel Leaf
    • Citrus Bloom
    • Harvest Spice
    • Island Mint
    • Niaouli
    • Clementine
    • Yellow Mandarin

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