Saying, "My life is filled with abundance," when all you see is lack, can be damaging.
Yet affirmations like this are being recommended consistently. Repeating "I love myself" while you drive in your car or reading "I am enough" off the post-it note stuck to your computer is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that one sticks and changes things. 
That's not the way it works! Cognitive dissonance, believing one thing yet saying another, creates energetic stagnation in the body and spirit and can have the opposite intended effect.
Affirmations can be an extremely beneficial manifestation tool. But very few are breaking down the art and science of proper construction and implementation of affirmations. 
In this book, Desiree de Lunae, L.Ac., teaches how to properly customise affirmation incantations with a solid structure tailored to your unique destiny. You only need a pen, a journal, and 10-15 minutes daily to program yourself into a new timeline.
Writing daily affirmations creates a miraculous compounding effect. Done correctly, the results will astound you! Build your belief and train your frequencies gradually, sustainably, and with no backsliding. 
Softcover book 


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