The dōPLANNER: Undated 5th Edition

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Looking to rank advance and ditch the stress of trying to be organised ? doPLANNER is the solution. From tracking your contacts and enrolments to planning and organising your day-to-day appointments (both business and personal!) the dōPLANNER was designed by a Diamond Leader, Jennifer Bitner, for wellness advocates to keep you inspired, organised, motivated, and on track for success all year round! Jennifer understands first hand the importance of keeping some structure in your business to achieve ultimate success and the dōPLANNER will help you get there!

Many wellness advocates are stuck because they’re overwhelmed from a lack of organisation in their business.

Here is just an iceberg of what you get…

1. You’ll discover how to grow to organise your business’ growth and achieve financial freedom.

2. You’ll save money by skipping the multiple notebooks, journals, and sticky notes, by replacing it with your dōPLANNER, costing you less than £2.50 a month!

3. You’ll skip the hassle of remembering who/what you sampled, forgetting what upcoming tasks you have next week, and MUCH more!

4. You’ll know exactly how to navigate your goals, and each step to get there, and taking organised and effective action.

5. You’ll have a TON more time in your day to spend less time in a frantic state, and more time in a state of serving your community.


  • A4 coil-bound for ease of opening and closing
  • 100 Names List & Contact Tracker (NEW for 2021!)
  • Monthly Mind Sweep & My Whiteboard writing space (NEW for 2021!)
  • Structure Bonus monthly worksheet
  • Plan to Rank monthly worksheet
  • 1-2-3 Tracking system keeps your EO biz on track as you see easy to attain mini goals each week
  • Monthly undated calendar, for planning classes and other important occasions in advance so you can customise yourself
  • Weekly undated calendar, with weekly intention writing space (NEW for 2021!)
  • Daily times (6am-10pm) listed for ease of planning
  • Self-development activities so you can be your best!
  • Goal-setting activities to keep you accountable
  • Simple income/expenses/mileage tracking for ease at tax return time!
  • Quotes, recipes, inspirational messages to keep you motivated throughout the year
  • Checklists to keep your goals in mind and prioritise
  • Monthly review exercises so your goals are fresh in your mind and adjusted accordingly as the year progresses



Contents : 226 page coil bound book

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The dōPLANNER: Undated 5th Edition

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